Ceilometer is the telemetric component of OpenStack that collects and persists data regarding the use of the physical and virtual resources in your OpenStack deployment.

About this task

You can enable Ceilometer after completing the VMware Integrated OpenStack deployment.


  1. In vCenter Server, select Home > VMware Integrated OpenStack > Manage.
  2. Select the Settings tab.
  3. Click Ceilometer.

    The Ceilometer panel displays the current status and configuration.

  4. Click Edit to modify the settings.
  5. Select the Configure Ceilometer option.
  6. Click OK to configure Ceilometer.

    The vSphere Web Client might take a few minutes to update the OpenStack configuration.


Ceilometer is automatically enabled the first time you configure it. Afterwards, the Ceilometer settings show only Enable and Disable options.