You deploy a Kubernetes cluster on an OpenStack or SDDC provider. VMware Integrated OpenStack with Kubernetes supports exclusive and shared cluster types.


  • Verify that the cloud provider you deployed is active. See Adding a Cloud Provider.

  • Determine the type of cluster you want to add.


  1. Login to VMware Integrated OpenStack with Kubernetes.
  2. On the Clusters home page, click Deploy a New Cluster or click +NEW to add a cluster to a set of existing clusters.
  3. On the Intro page, click Next.

    Alternatively, you can click Choose File to upload a JSON file containing cluster configuration information. The information automatically populates fields in the subsequent wizard screens.

  4. Highlight the infrastructure provider and click Next.
  5. If no node profiles are listed, click the Ignore node profile box and click Next.
  6. Configure the cluster.
    • Provide a cluster name.

    • Specify the number of master nodes in the cluster. Because etcd servers coexist on master nodes, you must specify an odd number of nodes to support high availability and fault tolerance.

    • Specify the number of worker nodes in the cluster.

    • The DNS server IP is optional.

    • Select the Shared Cluster or Exclusive Cluster type.

      • For a shared cluster, specify a namespace.

      • For an exclusive cluster, specify a user and group.

  7. Click Next.
  8. Review the Configuration Summary and click Finish to add the cluster