You can create a Layer 2 bridge in NSX-T Data Center through a port group.


Create a port group and tag it with the ID of the VLAN to which you want to connect your compute nodes.


  1. Log in to the OpenStack Management Server as viouser.
  2. Log in to the controller node as viouser.
  3. Switch to the root user and load the cloud administrator credentials file.
    sudo su -
    source ~/cloudadmin.rc
  4. Create a logical Layer 2 gateway, specifying the managed object identifier (MOID) of the port group as the interface name.
    neutron l2-gateway-create gateway-name --device name=temp,interface_names="portgroup-moid"

    NSX Data Center for vSphere creates a dedicated distributed logical router (DLR) from the backup edge pool. The device name value is ignored, and the object is automatically assigned a name in the format "L2 bridging-gateway-id".

  5. Create the logical Layer 2 gateway connection using the gateway created in the previous step.
    neutron l2-gateway-connection-create gateway-name network-name --default-segmentation-id=vlan-id


VXLAN compute nodes can now access the specified VLAN.