To make REST API calls, you can use a browser application or an HTTP client program to send requests and review responses.

REST Client Programs

Any client application that can send HTTPS requests is an appropriate tool for developing REST applications with the VMware Integrated OpenStack API. The following open-source applications are commonly used:

  • cURL.

  • Postman application.

About the API Reference for the OMS Service

The API reference lists all the REST API calls for the OpenStack Management Server (OMS) service. It is provided as a Swagger document and is available in either of the following ways.

  • If VMware Integrated OpenStack is installed, documentation is available with the product.


    Swagger docs are also available.


    $OMS_IP denotes the IP of the OpenStack Management Server.

  • If VMware Integrated OpenStack is not installed, documentation is available from the APIs section for the VMware Integrated OpenStack API at VMware{code} or,

REST API Authentication

The OMS requires API requests to be authenticated. Authentication is session-based. After logging in, the client will have access to the OMS API until the session expires.

If using a browser, you must accept the server certificate presented to establish a secure channel between the browser and the OMS before you can submit an API request.

In this example, the user is logging into the $OMS_IP.

Request header:

POST  https://$OMS_IP:8443/login
Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded

Request body:


Where {vCenter_user_name} and {vCenter_password} are the user name and password used to log in to the vCenter Server.

Virtual Data Center REST API

You can use the REST API to manage the Virtual Data Center (TvDC) as an alternative to the VMware Integrated OpenStack Command Line Interface (viocli). Using the API, you create and manage your Tenant Virtual Data Center remotely without logging on to an OpenStack Management Server. Examples are provided in Virtual Data Center REST API Commands.