You can quickly evacuate all volumes from a specified datastore, automatically migrating them to other datastores in the same datastore cluster.


  • Verify that the specified datastore is part of a datastore cluster.

  • Verify that Storage DRS is enabled in Not Automation (Manual Mode) for the datastore cluster.

  • Verify that the volume does not have any snapshots attached. If so, you must detach them first.


  1. Using SSH, log in to the VMware Integrated OpenStack manager.
  2. Switch to root user.
    sudo su -
  3. Prepare the volume for migration.

    This step prepares all volumes on the specified datastore for migration.

    viocli ds-migrate-prep [-d DEPLOYMENT] DC_NAME DS_NAME




    Indicates the name of the VMware Integrated OpenStack deployment.


    Indicates the data center name.


    Indicates the datastore name.

  4. Place the datastore in maintenance mode.


When you place the datastore in maintenance mode, the datastore is evacuated and the volumes automatically migrate to other datastores in the same datastore cluster.