Cloud users have fewer permissions than cloud administrators. Cloud users can create and manage instances, volumes, networks, and images for the project to which they are assigned.


Create and enable at least one OpenStack project. See Create an OpenStack Project.


  1. Log in to the VMware Integrated OpenStack dashboard as a cloud administrator.
  2. Select the admin project from the drop-down menu in the title bar.
  3. Select Identity > Users and click Create User.
  4. Configure the user settings.



    User Name

    Enter the user name.


    (Optional) Enter a description for the user.


    (Optional) Enter an email address for the user.

    Password/Confirm Password

    Enter a preliminary password for the user. The password can be changed after the user logs in for the first time.

    Primary Project

    Select the project to which the user is assigned. A user account must be assigned to at least one project.


    Select a role for the user. The user inherits the permissions assigned to the specified role.


    Select Enable to allow to user to log in and perform OpenStack operations.

  5. Click Create User.

What to do next

In the Actions column to the right of each user, you can modify user settings, change the user password, and enable or disable the user.

If you want to assign a single user to multiple projects, select Identity > Projects and click Manage Members next to the desired project.

You can create a group containing multiple users for simpler administration. See Create a User Group.

You can select one or more users and click Delete Users to remove them permanently. Deleted users cannot be restored.