Use the viocli backup command to create a backup of either management server data or the OpenStack database. An NFS server must be available for VMware Integrated OpenStack to mount.

The viocli backup command uses the following syntax.

viocli backup {mgmt_server | openstack_db} [-d NAME] NFS-VOLUME [--verbose]


Mandatory or Optional


-d NAME or --deployment NAME


Name of the deployment to use.

If you do not enter a value, the default deployment is used.



Name or IP address of the target NFS volume and directory in the format remote-host:remote-dir.

For example:



Displays output in verbose mode.

You can also run viocli backup -h or viocli backup --help to display the parameters for the command.

The backup file of the management server is labeled with a timestamp in vio_ms_yyyymmddhhmmss format. The backup file of the OpenStack database is labeled with a timestamp in vio_os_db_yyyymmddhhmmss format.