When you work with multiple vCenter Server instances, you might see that availability zones are not synced between the OpenStack management server and the VMware Integrated OpenStack Horizon dashboard.

Due to a known OpenStack issue, if you use CLI commands to rename availability zones, you might see different names in the vSphere Web Client and the Horizon dashboard. In the vSphere Web Client, on the Nova Compute tab, under Availability Zones, out of sync availability ones appear in red. Resynchronize the availability zones to fix the issue.


  1. Using SSH, log in to the VMware Integrated OpenStack manager.
  2. List the availability zones for your OpenStack deployment.

    You need the OpenStack admin password.

    viocli inventory-admin show-availability-zones
  3. Synchronize availability zones.
    viocli inventory-admin sync-availability-zones


All availability zones are now synchronized.