If you deployed VMware Integrated OpenStack in an NSX-V environment and you want to add an NSX-T back end to your deployment, you can enable a network plugin in VMware Integrated OpenStack 5.0 to support both platforms in the same vCenter Server.


Verify that a compute cluster has been added as an NSX-T transport node.


  1. Using SSH, log in to the VMware Integrated OpenStack manager.
  2. Switch to the root user.
    sudo su -
  3. Enable the plugin.

    For a complete list of command options, see viocli enable-tvd Command.

    viocli enable-tvd [--nsx-mgr <NSXV3_API_MANAGERS>][--nsx-user <NSXV3_API_USERNAME>] [--nsx-passwd <NSXV3_API_PASSWORD>]




    IP address of the NSX-T manager


    User name of the NSX-T manager administrator


    Password for the NSX-T manager administrator

What to do next

Once enabled, the plugin is set to nsx-v and your project maps to the NSX-V back end by default. To specify an NSX-V or NSX-T project mapping, use following OpenStack command.

openstack project plugin create <project-uuid> --plugin <nsx-v/nsx-t>