It is a best practice to configure a backup service for the Block Storage (Cinder) component of OpenStack to prevent loss of data. You can configure Cinder to back up volumes to a network file system (NFS) server.

You configure a backup service by installing OpenStack Debian packages that are included in your VMware Integrated OpenStack deployment.

For the purposes of this procedure, the two controllers are referred to as controller01 and controller02.


  • Create a dedicated NFS share folder to store the backed-up data.

  • Verify that the owner of the NFS share folder has the same UID as Cinder on the controller nodes. The default Cinder UID is 107. This value might be different in your deployment.


  1. Using SSH, log in to the VMware Integrated OpenStack manager.
  2. Implement the custom.yml file.
    sudo mkdir -p /opt/vmware/vio/custom
    sudo cp /var/lib/vio/ansible/custom/custom.yml.sample /opt/vmware/vio/custom/custom.yml
  3. To use NFS as a backup service, edit the /opt/vmware/vio/custom/custom.yml file.
    1. Uncomment the cinder_backup_driver parameter.
    2. Set the cinder_backup_driver parameter to cinder.backup.drivers.nfs.
      # Driver to use for backups. (string value)
      cinder_backup_driver: cinder.backup.drivers.nfs
    3. Uncomment the cinder_backup_share parameter.
    4. Set the cinder_backup_share parameter to <NFS host IP address>:<file backup path>.
      # NFS share in fqdn:path, ipv4addr:path, or "[ipv6addr]:path"
      # format. (string value)
      cinder_backup_share: <NFS host IP address>:<file backup path>
    5. If your NFS share does not match your VMware Integrated OpenStack deployment version, uncomment the cinder_backup_mount_options parameter and set it to your version of NFS.
      # Mount options passed to the NFS client. See NFS man page for
      # details. (string value) 'vers=4' to support version NFS 4
      cinder_backup_mount_options: vers=4
  4. Save the custom.yml file.
  5. Push the new configuration to your VMware Integrated OpenStack deployment.
    viocli deployment configure --limit controller

    This command updates your entire deployment and might briefly interrupt operations.

  6. Verify that the backup service is operational
    1. Confirm that the Cinder backup service is running.
      cinder service-list
    2. Create a test volume and back it up.
      cinder create --display-name testvol
      cinder backup-create --display-name testvol-backup testvol
    3. Check the NFS share to confirm that the backup file was created.