You can monitor OpenStack resources in vRealize Operations Manager by installing the vRealize Operations Management Pack for OpenStack and the End Point Operations Management agent.



  1. Obtain the End Point Operations Management agent installation file for Linux in GZ format.
    1. Go to the vRealize Operations Manager download page and select your version of vRealize Operations Manager.
    2. Under Product Downloads, find your edition of vRealize Operations Manager and click Go to Downloads.
    3. Find End Point Operations Linux Agent - 64 bit (gz file) and click Download Now.
  2. Transfer the End Point Operations Management agent installation file to the OpenStack Management Server and decompress it to a temporary directory.
  3. In the temporary directory, open the conf/ file and modify the following parameters to match your vRealize Operations Manager deployment.
  4. Install the End Point Operations Management agent in VMware Integrated OpenStack.
    sudo viocli epops install -s epops-install-file.tar.gz -c epops-dir/conf/


VMware Integrated OpenStack objects are displayed in the vRealize Operations Manager Inventory Explorer in the EP Ops Adapter Resources Group.

What to do next

If you need to reconfigure the End Point Operations Management agent, modify the file and run the following command:

sudo viocli epops reconfig -c epops-dir/conf/

For more information about command-line parameters, see viocli epops Command.