The VMware Integrated OpenStack Installation and Configuration Guide explains the process of deploying OpenStack in your VMware vSphere® environment.

Before installing VMware Integrated OpenStack, review the deployment and networking modes described in this guide and ensure that your environment meets the stated requirements. Once you are ready, prepare your vCenter Server® instance and deploy the VMware Integrated OpenStack vApp. The vApp provides a workflow that guides you through the rest of the deployment process, allowing you to specify your management and compute clusters, configure networking, and add resources. After deployment, you can use the vApp to add components or otherwise modify the configuration of your OpenStack cloud infrastructure.

Intended Audience

This guide is for system administrators and developers who want to integrate their vSphere deployment with OpenStack services. To do so successfully, you should be familiar with vSphere and the OpenStack components and functions. If you are deploying VMware Integrated OpenStack with VMware NSX® Data Center for vSphere® or NSX-T™ Data Center, you should also be familiar with the administration of those products.

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