After you have installed VMware Integrated OpenStack with NSX networking, you can enable LBaaS v2.0 for OpenStack Neutron to distribute incoming requests among designated instances.

Load balancer as a service (LBaaS) v2.0 ensures that workloads are shared predictably among instances and uses system resources more effectively. Because LBaaS v2.0 supports proprietary and open-source load balancing technologies, OpenStack administrators have more options when choosing which back-end technology to use for load balancing.

You can enable LBaaS v2.0 on VMware Integrated OpenStack deployments with NSX-T or NSX-V networking. VMware Integrated OpenStack no longer supports LBaaS v1.0.

The LBaaS configuration process also creates a health monitor and associates it with the LBaaS pool. The health monitor is a Neutron service that checks whether the instances are still running on the specified protocol and port.