Use the vkube job restore command to restore VMware Integrated OpenStack with Kubernetes provider and cluster configurations.


Restore is a replacement operation. So any changes made to the configuration since the time of the backup are lost during a job restore.

Before restoration, a best practice is to create a snapshot of the VMware Integrated OpenStack with Kubernetes VM. Since backups are stored on the VM, copy the backup to external storage in case you need to restore from a failure of the VM itself.

The vkube job restore command uses the following syntax.

vkube job restore [--description DESCRIPTION] [--restore-tar BACKUP_TAR_FILE_PATH]


Mandatory or Optional


--description DESCRIPTION


Description of the restore.

--restore-tar BACKUP_TAR_FILE_PATH


Path pointing to the backup tar file obtained from backup. See vkube job backup Command.

If the VMware Integrated OpenStack with Kubernetes deployment has an SDDC provider, the SDDC provider is put into a DATA RESTORE status. To make the provider active, run

vkube provider refresh sddc <PROVIDER_ID>