You can import images in the VMware Integrated OpenStack dashboard.

The following image formats are supported:

  • VMDK

  • ISO

  • OVA

  • RAW

  • QCOW2

  • VDI

  • VHD


  1. Log in to the VMware Integrated OpenStack dashboard and select your project from the drop-down menu in the title bar.
  2. Select Project > Compute > Images and click Create Image.
  3. Configure the image.



    Image Name

    Enter a name for the image.

    Image Description

    Enter a description for the new image.

    Image Source

    Select the image file.

    Disk Format

    Select ISO or VMDK.

    For images in other formats, including OVA, RAW, QCOW2, VDI, or VHD, select VMDK as the disk format.

    Disk Adapter Type

    For VMDK images, select the adapter type.

    Minimum Disk (GB)

    Specify the minimum disk size for the image in gigabytes.

    Minimum RAM (GB)

    Specify the minimum RAM for the image in gigabytes.


    Select Public to make the image available to all tenants or Private to make the image available only to the current tenant.


    Select Yes to prevent the image from being deleted.

  4. (Optional) Click Next and configure metadata for the image.
  5. Click Create Image.

What to do next

You can create OpenStack instances using the imported image.