NSX-T Data Center 2.4 and later support the deployment of multiple NSX Manager nodes to form a cluster in a single NSX-T Data Center instance. If you want to use an NSX Manager cluster with VMware Integrated OpenStack, add the IP addresses of all cluster nodes to your deployment configuration.

Note: An NSX Manager cluster provides high availability for a single NSX-T Data Center instance. Multiple instances of NSX-T Data Center cannot be used with the same VMware Integrated OpenStack deployment.


Create the NSX Manager cluster in NSX-T Data Center. See Deploy NSX Manager Nodes to Form a Cluster from UI.


  1. Log in to the OpenStack Management Server as viouser.
  2. If your deployment is not using a custom.yml file, copy the template custom.yml file to the /opt/vmware/vio/custom directory.
    sudo mkdir -p /opt/vmware/vio/custom
    sudo cp /var/lib/vio/ansible/custom/custom.yml.sample /opt/vmware/vio/custom/custom.yml
  3. Open the /opt/vmware/vio/custom/custom.yml file in a text editor.
  4. Add the nsxv3_api_managers parameter and include the IP address of each node in the NSX Manager cluster.
    nsxv3_api_managers: parent-manager-ip, manager-node2-ip,...
  5. Deploy the updated configuration.
    sudo viocli deployment configure

    Deploying the configuration briefly interrupts OpenStack services.

What to do next

If the IP address of any node changes, or if you add or remove nodes in your NSX Manager cluster, you must modify your custom.yml file to include the updated IP address information.