Use the viopatch snapshot command to take and manage snapshots of your OpenStack deployment for pre-patch backup.

Important: The viopatch snapshot take command stops OpenStack services. Services will be started again when the patch is installed. If you decide not to install a patch after taking a snapshot, you can manually start OpenStack services by running the viocli services start command.

The viopatch snapshot command uses the following syntax.

viopatch snapshot {take | revert | remove | list} [-d NAME] [-p] [--verbose]
Parameter Mandatory or Optional Description

-d NAME or --deployment NAME


Name of the deployment to use.

If you do not enter a value, the default deployment is used.

-p or --progress


Shows the progress of the current operation.



Displays output in verbose mode.

You can also run viopatch snapshot -h or viopatch snapshot --help to display the parameters for the command.