VMware Integrated OpenStack works together with various software products to provide functionality.

VMware Integrated OpenStack 5.1 requires the following products:

  • vSphere 6.5 or later, including:
    • vCenter Server 6.5 or later
    • ESXi 6.5 or later
  • (NSX-T Data Center deployments only) NSX-T Data Center 2.1.0 or later
  • (NSX Data Center for vSphere deployments only) NSX Data Center for vSphere 6.3.6 or 6.4.1 or later
Note: If you want to deploy VMware Integrated OpenStack with VDS networking only, NSX is not required.

You can optimize performance by using a separate vCenter Server instance dedicated to VMware Integrated OpenStack.

VMware Integrated OpenStack 5.1 is also compatible with the following products:

  • vSAN 6.6.1 Update 2 or later
  • vRealize Automation 7.5 or later
  • vRealize Log Insight 4.6.1 or later with VMware OpenStack Content Pack 1.2
  • vRealize Operations Manager 6.7 or later with vRealize Operations Management Pack for VMware Integrated OpenStack 5.0

For the most current information about supported versions, see the VMware Product Interoperability Matrices.