You can roll back a VMware Integrated OpenStack patch if the upgrade failed or if you do not want to use the new version.


  • Verify that you retained the snapshot of the OpenStack Management Server taken in vSphere before the patch.
  • Verify that you retained the snapshot of your deployment taken with the viopatch utility. You can run sudo viopatch snapshot list to confirm whether viopatch has a snapshot of the nodes in your deployment.


  1. In the vSphere Client, revert the OpenStack Management Server to the previous snapshot.
  2. Log in to the OpenStack Management Server virtual machine and restart the OpenStack service.
    sudo service oms restart
  3. Revert the deployment to the previous snapshot.
    sudo viopatch snapshot revert
  4. On the vCenter Server virtual machine, stop the vSphere Client service, delete residual files, and restart the service.
    service-control --stop vsphere-ui
    cd /etc/vmware/vsphere-ui/vc-packages/vsphere-client-serenity/
    rm -rf *
    cd /usr/lib/vmware-vsphere-client/server/work
    rm -rf *
    service-control --start vsphere-ui
  5. Log out of the vSphere Client and log back in.