In addition to system requirements required for installation, your NSX-V or NSX-T network must satisfy requirements for an OpenStack provider.

NSX-V Requirements

The following requirements apply to NSX-V networking:

  • Ubuntu 16.04 image installed in your VMware Integrated OpenStack cloud.

  • An external network used to communicate with the VMware Integrated OpenStack with Kubernetes OVA. The external network must have at least one floating IP available. Additional floating IPs are required if you expose Kubernetes applications using Service with Load Balancer.

  • An internal network for Kubernetes nodes. DNS must be available in your internal network.

  • A centralized, exclusive router with a gateway configured for the external network.

  • Security group for the ingress traffic. Configure Ingress with ports 22, 443, 11000, and 11001 open or cluster creation will fail.

NSX-T Requirements

In addition to the requirements for NSX-V networking, verify that NSX-T is version 2.0.