If OpenStack Swift is configured for your environment, you can create containers and upload objects to them.

Important: In VMware Integrated OpenStack 5.1, Swift is provided as a technical preview only. Running production workloads is not currently supported.


Verify that your cloud administrator has created a Swift cluster. For more information, see Adding the Swift Component.


  1. Log in to the VMware Integrated OpenStack dashboard.
  2. Select your project from the drop-down menu in the title bar.
  3. Select Project > Object Store > Containers and click Container.
  4. Enter a name, and click Submit.
    The name of a container cannot include slashes (/).
  5. Click the name of the container to open it.
  6. (Optional) Click the Folder button to create a folder.
  7. Click the Upload (up arrow) button to upload a file to the container.

What to do next

You can download or delete the files in your container. You can also click the down arrow next to any file to view details or select Edit to replace it with a different file.