You can enable LBaaS v2.0 to distribute incoming requests among designated instances.

Load balancer as a service (LBaaS) v2.0 gives you the ability to create load balancers on demand, ensuring that workloads are shared predictably among instances and system resources are used more effectively.

The LBaaS configuration process also creates a health monitor and associates it with the LBaaS pool. The health monitor is a Neutron service that checks whether the instances are still running on the specified protocol and port.

You can enable LBaaS v2.0 on VMware Integrated OpenStack deployments with NSX Data Center for vSphere or NSX-T Data Center networking.

Note: The admin_state parameter for LBaaS pools is not supported on NSX Data Center for vSphere deployments, and setting the admin state of a pool to down has no effect. To prevent network traffic from reaching the members of a pool, set the admin state of each member to down.