After you recover the VMware Integrated OpenStack deployment from a disaster, you can use the post disaster recovery command for updating the OpenStack database.


  1. Update the OpenStack Nova compute database.

    vio-post-dr command updates the OpenStack Nova compute DB.

    For example, if compute-5479e7cb-c1014 in source site is mapped to compute-8f710e32-c1009 in target site, run the following command:
    vio-post-dr compute-5479e7cb-c1014 compute-8f710e32-1009 fix

    Please note: You need to run vio-post-dr compute-5479e7cb-c1014 compute-8f710e32-1009 fix again once you recover new instances from source site to target site.

  2. Clean stale Glance images.

    Since the images replication is not supported, as a result, the images in the target site are no longer useful and you must run the Glance command for removing the stale resources.

    osctl exec -ti mariadb-server-0 -- mysql --defaults-file=/etc/mysql/admin_user.cnf -e "delete from glance.image_members; delete from glance.image_properties; delete from glance.image_tags; delete from glance.image_locations; delete from glance.images;"
  3. Enable Network-T configure recover job by updating Neutron CR.
    Note: You must run this and the following step after the management plane recovery is complete.
    viocli update neutron
       nsx_recover: true
  4. The recommended option is to disable the previous job setting after recovery as follows:
       nsx_recover: false