Volume type extra specs are used for advanced configuration of Cinder volumes. VMware Integrated OpenStack exposes additional capabilities through volume type extra specs.

Table 1. Volume Type Extra Specs in VMware Integrated OpenStack
Extra Spec Description

Specify the provisioning format of Cinder volumes in vSphere. You can specify the following formats

  • Thin provision: thin
  • Thick provision lazy zeroed: thick
  • Thick provision eager zeroed: eagerZeroedThick

Specify the clone type. You can specify the following types:

  • Full clone: full
  • Linked clone: linked

Enter the name of the storage policy to use for new volumes.


Specify the adapter type used to attach the volume. You can specify the following types:

  • IDE: ide
  • LSI Logic: lsiLogic
  • LSI Logic SAS: lsiLogicsas
  • BusLogic Parallel: busLogic
  • VMware Paravirtual SCSI: paraVirtual