VMware Integrated OpenStack 7.1 leverages SRM and vSphere Replication for Nova and Cinder backup and recovery.

Before the disaster, you can use vSphere Replication for replicating instances and volumes from the source site to the target site.


  • Verify that you have the vSphere Replication is installed and configured in your environment. For more information see, Installing and Setting Up vSphere Replication.
  • Verify that you have the VMware Site Recovery Manager installed and configured in your environment. For more information, see VMware Site Recovery Installation and Configuration.
  • After installing the VMware Site Recovery Manager, log in to the SRM for configuring the replication servers, folder mappings, resource mappings, and placeholder datastores.
    Note: When configuring the replication settings, you must have a one-to-one mapping from the source cluster to the target cluster.


  1. Replicate Nova instances:
    1. In the vSphere Web Client, right click the virtual machine.
    2. Select All Site Recovery actions > Configure Replication.
    3. Follow the wizard to finish the configuration.

      In Target site, select the target site for VM replication.

      In VM validation, verify that you have configured the VMs.

      In Target datastore, select the datastore for the replicated files.

      In Replication settings, select the replication settings.
      Note: If you select Enable point in time instances, the volume detach feature from Nova instances can fail at the target site.

      In Protection group, select Do not add to protection group now.

      In Ready to complete, review your settings, and click Finish.

  2. Replicate Cinder volumes:
    1. VMware Integrated OpenStack creates shadow VMs as the placeholder for OpenStack volumes. You must replicate shadow VM of Cinder volumes.
    2. Verify volume status is attached or available by using the OpenStack command or Horizon UI.
    3. For volume in available status, you must replicate the shadow VM as Nova instances.
    4. For volume in the attached status, you must replicate the shadow VM as Nova instances.

      Ensure that you select Add to new protection group and select Do not add to recovery plan now.