Use the viocli patch command to manage patches in your VMware Integrated OpenStack deployment.

The viocli patch command supports a variety of actions to perform different tasks. The following parameters apply to all actions.

Parameter Mandatory or Optional Description

-v or --verbose


Displays output in verbose mode.

To display the parameters for the command, run viocli patch -h or viocli patch --help.

Use viocli patch to perform the following actions.

viocli patch list

Displays detailed information about all VMware Integrated OpenStack patches, including overall status.

viocli patch add -l | –location <patch-path>

Adds a patch to your deployment. Copies new Helm charts and Docker images into the target location /opt/vmware/data on the manager node.

viocli patch install -p | –patch <patch-name>

Installs a VMware Integrated OpenStack patch. Applies the patch custom resource and executes to restart the Helm repository and Docker registry pods.

viocli patch delete -p | –patch <patch-name>

Removes a patch cleanly.