VMware Integrated OpenStack 7.1 leverages the NSX-T for network backup and recovery.

For more information about NSX-T Multisite, see NSX-T Data Center Multisite.

With VMware Integrated OpenStack 7.1, the disaster recovery procedure is validated with NSX-T Multiple Site Manual or Scripted Recovery of the Management Plane steps.


Verify that you have NSX-T configured with continuous backup. For more information about configuring NSX-T, see NSX-T Configuration with Continuous Backup.


  1. There is no further configuration needed if the network objects created by VMware Integrated OpenStack Neutron are protected and backup by the NSX-T backup procedure.
  2. Create Tier-0 Gateways, DHCP profile, and Metadata Proxy with the new edge cluster in the disaster recovery site. These resources can be used for network recovery when disaster occurs in the primary location.
  3. (Optional) Before the disaster, create a pre-installed NSX Manager Cluster in the target disaster recovery site to save recovery time.