You can configure the virtual interfaces on an OpenStack instance to use different drivers.

You specify virtual interface drivers by adding the vmware_extra_config metadata to a Glance image. Any virtual interfaces that are not specifically assigned a driver in this procedure will use the value of the hw_vif_model metadata. If the hw_vif_model metadata is not set, those interfaces will use the default driver for the image.

The following values are supported for virtual interface drivers:

  • e1000 (or VirtualE1000)
  • e1000e (or VirtualE1000e)
  • pcnet (or VirtualPCNet32)
  • sriov (or VirtualSriovEthernetCard)
  • vmxnet (or VirtualVmxnet)
  • vmxnet3 (or VirtualVmxnet3)


  1. Log in to the VMware Integrated OpenStack dashboard.
  2. Select your project from the drop-down menu in the title bar.
  3. Select Project > Compute > Images.
  4. Create a new image or select an existing image on which you want to configure multiple drivers.
  5. Select Update Metadata next to the image that you want to use.
  6. In the Custom field under Available Metadata, type vmware_extra_config and click the Add (plus sign) icon.
  7. Set the value of vmware_extra_config to a JSON array in the following format:
    {"hw_vif_models": {"vif1-id": "driver-name", ...}}
    For example, the following value configures the first virtual interface with the e1000 driver and the third virtual interface with the vmxnet3 driver:
    {"hw_vif_models": {"1": "e1000", "3": "vmxnet3"}}