Ceilometer is a component of OpenStack that polls, collects, and publishes OpenStack service data. The VMware Integrated OpenStack implementation of Ceilometer includes the Aodh, Panko, and Gnocchi projects.

After deploying VMware Integrated OpenStack, you can enable Ceilometer to perform telemetry functions. Enabling or disabling Ceilometer may temporarily affect other OpenStack services.

For more information about Ceilometer, see the OpenStack Ceilometer documentation.


Verify that the CPUs on the ESXi host running the Integrated OpenStack Manager support Advanced Vector Extensions (AVX).


  1. Log in to the Integrated OpenStack Manager web interface as the admin user.
  2. In OpenStack Deployment, click the name of your deployment and open the Manage tab.
  3. On the Settings tab, select Configure Ceilometer and click Enable.


The Kubernetes pods required by Ceilometer are created and the services are enabled.

What to do next

If you no longer want to use Ceilometer, you can disable it on this page. This will stop the Ceilometer service and remove all Ceilometer nodes.