VMware Integrated OpenStack requires a license key to provide functionality. Licenses are available for VMware Integrated OpenStack Data Center Edition and Carrier Edition

Carrier Edition is part of the VMware vCloud NFV bundle. It is designed for telecommunications companies and communication service providers that want to build a network functions virtualization (NFV) cloud. In addition to all features of Data Center Edition, it supports the following:

  • SR-IOV
  • Tenant data centers
  • Enhanced Platform Awareness (EPA), including virtual CPU pinning and NUMA awareness
  • NSX-managed virtual distributed switch (N-VDS) in enhanced data path mode

To obtain licenses or additional information, see the VMware Integrated OpenStack product page or contact your VMware sales representative.

You can use VMware Integrated OpenStack in evaluation mode for 60 days by assigning an evaluation license. When the evaluation license expires, all Carrier Edition features are disabled. Obtain and assign your VMware Integrated OpenStack license key as soon as possible after installing VMware Integrated OpenStack.

In addition to the VMware Integrated OpenStack license, you will also need sufficient licenses for vSphere and for any other VMware components that you deploy, such as NSX-T Data Center.