This document describes how to manage events, map and control seating arrangements for events, and resources for one or more physical, or virtual events using the VMware® Lab Platform™ (formerly known as VMware® Learning Platform™) Event Management interface.

Intended Audience

The primary audience for this guide is administrators, proctors, and VMware Lab Platform technical support staff.


Users with “Admin” role can access all features of the Event Management user interface. Administrators can create, edit, and delete events, seat maps, add users to events. The Admin Role is the most powerful user within an account.


User you consider to be familiar with the content in the various labs of the account. When end users have a question with a lab, they can use an option on their lab console screen. The option runs an application running on the proctor’s mobile device to notify the proctor that someone needs help. A user having an Event/Proctor Role can log into the Administrator user interface.

Technical support staff

A user having a support role can log into the Administrator user interface and has a subset of the admin permissions.