The vDC Resource Usage report displays the resource consumption details per virtual data center for your VMware Lab Platform account, or organization.

To view the resource consumption report for your data center:


  1. From the navigation panel, select Reports > vDC Resource Usage.
  2. Select your virtual data center from the Choose a VDC drop-down menu.
  3. Select a start date and end date range for the report generation.
  4. Click Submit.

    The vDC Resource Usage page provides vDC usage information.

    The vDC Resource Usage page displays four different graphs for the CPU, memory, storage, and capacity consumption for the vDC. The graphs provide an easy and clear view of the consumption units and you can compare the consumption units over a range of period. By default, the graphs are displayed in bar graph format. To change the graph view, select an option from the graph drop-down menu. To download the report, use the view icon and select a download option.