You can choose the lab manual's display, either docking or floating the manual, or displaying the manual on a second device using the lab manual options in the interface.

General options

To display the instructional manual panel, click Manual in the top-right corner..

Manual Options



The X icon closes the panel.


The Arrow-on-Screen icon makes the manual panel a floating window. Once you make the panel a floating window, you can click the X to dock the panel on the previous side and close it.


Use the Arrow icon to toggle between a left dock or right dock of the manual panel.

Table of Contents

To display the links to each module of the manual, click Table of Contents. Manuals are typically comprised of modules which you complete sequentially.

Network Topology

Your lab comprises virtual machines. If your administrator has included a network topology image in your account, then your lab console includes a Network Topology option. To display an image that shows the network topology of the virtual machines that are used in your lab, click Network Topology.

Split Screen

Displays the Use a Second Screen or Device screen that includes links to open the manual in a new window and email a link to open the manual with another device such as an iPad or a second window on your desktop.

Thus, you can go full screen on your console and have the lab’s manual on another desktop screen or on your iPad. VMware Lab Platform keeps the manual steps on the second screen in sync with the main screen. When you change to the next step on one of your screens, it changes on your other screen. In order to get to that second screen, you can email yourself a link, scan a QR code or copy and paste a special key.

Drag-and-drop option

The Drag and Drop feature lets you to drag text from the lab’s instructional manual, and drop it into a field in the lab console. To use the Drag and Drop feature:

  1. Select some text in the manual.

  2. Drop the text into the appropriate area on the lab console.

Copy and paste option

You can copy the text from your browser or elsewhere, including a lab manual to the console. To enable the feature, go the gear icon on the ribbon on the top of the console and select Intercept Paste. For MAC OS users, the system automatically remaps the user's system OS shortcut keys for the copy and the paste operation to the labs OS shortcut keys.