In a VMware Lab Platform lab, if you are not enrolled in a lab, then VMware Lab Platform displays the Enroll option. You need to be enrolled for a lab to start the lab.


  1. Launch the lab using the lab URL provided by your account administrator.
  2. To enroll for a lab, click the Enroll option. If you are already enrolled in a lab, then the VMware Lab Platform system displays the Enrolled option.
  3. To view all your enrollments, click My Enrollments.


After you enroll in the lab, you see the Start This Lab option.

Example: My Enrollments

The following sample enrollment page shows lab details and the Start the Lab button. This example also displays the Announcements section.

The My Enrollments page displays all the labs that you have enrolled for.

What to do next

After you enroll for a lab, to start the lab and complete the lab course, click Start This Lab. For more information on how to start a lab, see