You can customize a lab template to include information specific to your lab.


  1. From the admin UI, select Lab Management > Lab Builder on the navigation panel to open the Lab Templates page.
  2. From the Lab Templates page, locate the vApp you just created and click Edit on the Actions drop-down menu.
  3. From the Edit Lab Template page, you can access the console of the VMs within your lab.
    1. Select the CentOS-CLI VM to access the console directly.
    2. Power on the VM.
    3. Log in with the default user name and password:
      • User name – Root

      • Password – VMware1!

  4. Modify the VM as needed with new user accounts, installed software, or application-specific configurations for the lab you are creating.
  5. Optionally, you can include multiple virtual machines within your lab.
    1. Click Add VM for the Edit lab template screen.
    2. Select the centos-gui VM.
    3. Click Add.

    The New VM is now included within your lab.

  6. VM Details allows you to make a note of the name for the virtual machine and the hardware configuration for CPU and memory.
    1. With the VM powered off, set the memory to 2048 on the Centos-CLI VM.
    2. Click Update to save your changes.

  7. When you are done editing, click Update and Publish.

What to do next

Complete the steps to deliver a lab. See Delivering a Lab.