After you modify your vApp template, you sync the cloud org with the changed vApp and then update the corresponding deployment pool.


  1. Go to the VMware Learning Platform admin UI login screen and enter your credentials.
  2. Navigate to the Cloud Org List by selecting Cloud Management > Clouds from the navigation menu on the left. This option is available when advanced options are displayed.
  3. Synchronize any modified templates with your cloud organization to make them generally available.
    • To synchronize an individual cloud org, select it and click the vertical ellipsis icon, then click Sync vApp Templates.

    • To synchronize templates for all cloud orgs, click the vertical ellipsis icon next to any cloud org name and then click Full Resync vApp Templates.

  4. Navigate to the Deployment Pool List by selecting Cloud Management > Deployment Pools.
  5. On the Deployment Pool List, select the deployment pool to which you want to add the changed vApp template and click Edit vApp Templates.
  6. On the Edit vApp Templates page, click Add/Remove vApp Templates.
  7. On the vApp Templates list, select the vApp template you want to use, then click Done.
  8. On the Edit vApp Templates tab, click Update.

What to do next

If the structure of the vApp you changed is significant enough, your update might fail. In such a case, you must remove all vApp templates from the deployment pool, then add the change.