If you have Tenant Instructor permissions, you can use the Instructor Console from the VMware Learning Platform Admin UI.

Student who have started the class from the Lab Console are represented by a tile on the Instructor Console. If the student has not yet started the lab, then the student's tile is dimmed. The student is visible to the instructor, but the status says "not started".

The Instructor Console includes both the name of the class and the lab.


  1. On the Admin UI panel, click Classes, or if you are displaying advanced options, select Classes > Classes to open the Classes window.
    Note: The Admin UI Edit Tenant page, editable by a tenant administrator, includes the option Allow Instructors Access to All Classes. If the option is enabled, an instructor can view all classes in the tenant. If the option is disabled, the list of classes displays only those classes to which the instructor has been assigned.
  2. Open a menu by clicking the three vertical dots next to your class name.
  3. Click Start on the menu. The system creates, enables, and provisions entitlements, then starts the class.
  4. Click the URL in the Launch URL column for the class to open the Instructor Console.
    The system opens the Instructor Console for the lab.