Before you begin your tenant administration tasks, verify that you are familiar with cloud resource and credentialing requirements.

About Tenants

A tenant is a company or institution (or a department within a company or institution) that has purchased access to VMware Learning Platform. The VMware Learning Platform technical staff provisions your tenants based on the information provided by your organization. Tenant administrators have administrative rights to one or more tenants.

Cloud Resources and Administrator Credentials

You must have procured cloud resources and received tenant administrator credentials from the VMware Learning Platform support staff. Typically, the VMware Learning Platform support staff sends you an email containing your user name and password soon after your organization purchases VMware Learning Platform.

Supported Browsers and Environments

You access VMware Learning Platform through a browser. VMware Learning Platform supports the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer version10 and above

  • Firefox version 13 or above

  • Chrome version 18 or above

  • Safari version 6.0 or above


Browser settings must accept cookies, run JavaScript, and allow web sockets.

To deploy virtual machine labs, VMware Learning Platform requires VMware vCloud Director Version 5.5 or later.

Instructional content

Instructional content (manuals) is required for a tenant administrator to deliver a lab. You can include instructional content when you create a lab, or you can import an existing manual later by using the VMware Learning Platform Content Engine user interface.