As a tenant administrator, you can create a user account from the administrator user interface.

Users can access more than one tenant. If the user you are creating already has access to another tenant, then that user does not get a Welcome to VMware Learning Platform email. A user gets the Welcome to email only upon the first tenant to which access is granted.

The Welcome to VMware Learning Platform email includes a verification link. The user must use the link to verify the account. If the user does not verify, then VMware Learning Platform provides a one-week grace period. During the grace period, the user has access to VMware Learning Platform, but some features are restricted. Restricted features include social media, the sending of transcripts and sending an invite to friends. If the grace period expires and the user still has not verified the account, then VMware Learning Platform blocks all access.

For information about VMware Learning Platform roles, see Roles in VMware Learning Platform.

VMware Cloud Services users need to assign tenant admin roles from the for their product.

For information about VMware Cloud Services user roles and access, see


  1. To open the Account page, click Security > User Controls .
  2. Click Create Account to open the Account form.
  3. In each section of the Create Account form, enter the information for the user account you want to create. Required information is marked with an asterisk.




    An email address for the user you want to create.

    First Name

    User's first name

    Last Name

    User's last name

    Display Name

    VMware Learning Platform displays the name you enter on the user's lab console screen beneath the text Welcome, (for example, Welcome, Jane Smith).


    User's company or organization name.


    Password to use for authentication.

    Confirm Password

    Reenter the previous password.

    Generate Random Password

    Enable to have the system generate a user password.

    Show/Hide Password

    When enabled, displays the password.

    Send Welcome/Verify

    When enabled, sends an email to the user address.

  4. Click Create Account. The User Access tab opens.
    • If your login is through VMware Cloud services, and you want to assign any role other than User Role, click the link to the VMware Cloud services Identity and Access Management page. You create and edit user accounts from this page.

    • If your login is through VMware Learning Platform, finish the User Access form.

  5. Click Finish. VMware Learning Platform creates the user account and opens a page that shows the information about that user.