You can add pre-configured VMware Learning Platform badges to your tenant or create and upload your own badge.

Badges are displayed in the top right of the lab description. An end user can click a badge to display a listing of labs with the same badge.

The following predefined badges are included: Advanced, Beginner, Full Length, Lightning, Product, and Use Case.


  1. Select Lab Management > Badge to open the Badges page. The page displays a list of badges available to labs in the tenant.
  2. Upload a badge. Select a VMware Learning Platform-provided badge or upload your own image file.
    • To add pre-configured badges, click Add Default Badges and click OK in the confirmation window.

    • To upload your own badge, click Create Badge and upload a file from the Create Badge form. The size limit is 1000 KB. Make sure the badge name is unique in the tenant.

  3. Click OK. The Badge page opens
  4. On the badge list, select the badge to include. The Update Badge form opens. The system fills in the fields of the form for you.
  5. Click Update. The system adds the badge to your tenant.

What to do next

You associate a badge to a particular lab using the Badges text box on the Update Lab form. Navigate to the Update Content tab of the Update Lab form at Lab Management > Labs.