A tenant administrator can create a back up of a lab template and export in one or more regions.

The Backup feature enables you to save and keep a working copy of an active lab template prior to modifying it.


  1. Navigate to Lab Management > Lab Builder.
  2. Select the template you want to back up, and click the + symbol.
  3. On the Backup form, click Backup.

    To check the progress, you can go to Dashboards > Default Dashboard and see the status of the replication task from the Content Migration Tasks widget. If the widget is not visible, you can follow the instructions on how to add a widget from Working with widgets.


Once you click Backup, Lab Builder displays a progress bar. After the back up is created, Lab Builder displays number of backups for the lab. You can view file name, backup date created and validity of the backup for the template. From the Backup lab template form, select the files you want to export and download.


Backup files are saved for seven days. After the validity period, the backup files are deleted from the system.