Enabling console connection monitoring for a lab is a two-step process. First, a tenant administrator must enable the feature for the tenant. After the option is enabled for the tenant, you enable console connection monitoring for one or more of the tenant's cloud organizations.

Every lab that runs in a cloud org where console monitoring is enabled inherently monitors console connections to lab vApps. This is true for all labs that run in that cloud.


You must have tenant administrator permissions.


  1. Enable console monitoring for your tenant.
    1. From the Admin UI, select Tenant Management > Settings.
    2. On the Settings page, use the search bar to locate the Console Connection Monitoring option in the Interface section.
    3. Verify that a green check mark icon is shown in the Value column. You can toggle the icon by clicking on it. .

    You can now enable console connection monitoring for the tenant's cloud organizations.

  2. Configure the cloud organizations whose labs you want to use console connection monitoring.
    1. From the Admin UI navigation panel, select Cloud Management > Clouds to display a list of cloud organizations.
    2. From the list, click the cloud organization where the labs that you want to use console connection monitoring are deployed.

      The Update cloud page opens.

    3. Select Console Connection Monitoring and click Update cloud.