You can customize what content is displayed on the tenant administrator interface (Admin UI).

You can customize which table headings are displayed on tenant administrator interfaces. Click the Gear icon on the Admin UI to open a drop-down menu of display options.

  • You can filter what headings a list displays by using the check boxes.

  • You can conduct a search.

  • You can reorder a list by a drag action.

Toggling Between the Basic and Advanced Admin UI

VMware Learning Platform includes both a basic Admin and an advanced Admin UI.

  • Basic Admin UI is a subset of the advanced Admin UI. It includes only those options required to deliver a lab, providing an efficient, simple presentation.

  • Advanced Admin UI provides additional options to deliver a lab with advanced features.

The Admin UI includes a toggle to switch between the advanced and basic Admin UI.

Using the Warnings/Errors Column

Lists include a column for warnings and errors to alert you to an issue that exists with an item in the list. You can click a warning/error icon to get information about the issue.