You can create a lab template from scratch with VMware Learning Platform Lab Builder.


Once you publish a lab template, you cannot edit it. You can only clone, delete, backup, or create a draft to modify the published lab template.


  1. Select Lab Management > Lab Builder to open the Lab Templates page.
  2. On the Lab Templates page, open the cloud drop-down menu and select the cloud you want to use for the lab template you are building. (Only available if you have more than one cloud).

    The first cloud in the drop-down menu is the default.

  3. Click New Lab Template to open the Create from Scratch form.
  4. On the Create from Scratch form, specify a name and description, select a cloud catalog, and select a data center. (Only available if you have more than one data center)
  5. Still on the Create from Scratch form, click + Add VM to open the Add VM form.
  6. On the Add VM form, select one or more virtual machines you want your lab template to contain and then click Add.

    The Lab Builder adds the VMs you selected.

  7. On the Create from Scratch form, you can also edit the VMs you selected. Click the vertical ellipsis icon and select Edit VM. The Edit VM form opens.
  8. On the Edit VM form, you can select the number of CPUs and memory. Click Save after you select. The Create from Scratch form reopens with the CPUs and memory you selected.
  9. On the Create from Scratch form, click Create Lab Template. The Lab Builder adds your lab template, as unpublished, to the Lab Templates list.

    Once you click Create Lab Template, Lab Builder displays a progress bar.

  10. You can edit, publish, or delete the lab template while it is in an unpublished state. Click Actions > Publish to create the lab template and make it available to run a lab.
  11. Click on the ellipsis next to the New Lab Template and click Full Resync Lab Templates to force a resync. The resync action will sync all the media and lab templates for the selected cloud.