Create a class for instructor-led labs with the Create class form on the Admin UI.

A class is made up of a lab and class attributes such class time, instructor, and so on. When a class is created, the class listing provides an Instructor Launch URL and a Registration URL, from which students can register for the class. The Instructor Launch URL links to the instructor console for the class.


  1. From the Admin UI navigation panel, select Classes > Classes .
  2. Click Create New to open the Create class form.
  3. Complete the form. Required values are marked with an asterisk.
    Option Description

    Basic Details

    Class Name

    Specify a class name for your class. Text string associated to the class you are creating. An example is “Introduction to Network Security.”

    Unique Class ID

    A unique identifier for the class you are creating. An example is “Network Security101”.

    Class Instructor(s)

    Click the Manage List View icon on the right side of the text box to display a list of users who have been assigned the role of “Tenant Instructor.” Select one or more tenant instructors for the class.

    Class Owner(s)

    Click the Manage List View icon on the right side of the text box to display a list of users who have been assigned the role of class owner. The class owner is the person who creates and maintains the class.

    Describe your Class

    A brief description of the class.

    Lab Details


    Click the Manage List View icon on the right side of the text box and select a lab from the list. This is the lab the students are taking in the class. Each class can have only one lab. You can also select a lab from the Recently created labs section.

    Create New Lab

    Click Create New Lab to create a new lab for the class. For more information on creating a lab, see

    After a lab is successfully created, it is added in the Recently created labs section.



    Specify a time zone for the location where the class is being held. Select a value from the drop-down menu.


    Specify a start date and end date for the class given in local time for the class location. The date format is in YYYY/MM/DD.


    Specify a start time and end time for the class given in local time for the class location. The time format is in HH/MM/SS.


    Maximum Limit for the class

    Specify the maximum number of students allowed to register for a class.

    Upload CSV

    Create bulk student accounts and add them directly to the class.

    Add Student

    Click Add Student, to view the list of VMware Learning Platform users from which you can add students.

    A student must have an account in the tenant to be eligible to be added to a class.

    Send New Token

    Sends a verification email to the user when a student is assigned to a class. The purpose of the email is to validate that the user’s email address is authentic.

    Send Notification Email


    Removes a student from a class.

    Allow self-enrollment

    Expand the Opening your class to more students form to view this option. Students can enroll themselves for a class.

    Allow self-registration

    Enables students without VMware Learning Platform accounts to create an account and self-register for the class. Students can use the Register control to create their VMware Learning Platform account. A registration URL is generated and sent to students to use to log in and enroll themselves in the class.

    Resource Management

    Pre-Provision Labs

    A point in time before the class start date at which the system must start making pre-pops for the class. A pre-provision period avoids a student having wait for a vApp to power on when the lab is launched.

    Resource Saving Options

    Specify resource management settings. Slide the Resource Saving Options button to enable saving of resources for a lab. You can suspend or power off a lab after the class ends each day to save the resources.


    Provide a snapshot of approximate resource usage for the class based on labs, number of students, and duration of the class.

  4. Click Create.

    The class is created and added to the Classes page.

  5. Optionally, you can continue and add students to the class roster, or manage entitlements for the class.


A class instructor can now go to the Class page, select the class you created and start the instructor console. From the console, an instructor can monitor students of the class as they take the lab and even take over a given student’s lab console. See the Tenant Instructor Guide for more information about the instructor console.