It is best to configure a deployment pool before creating a lab because of the deployment pool/lab relationship.

If you create your lab template with Lab Builder, a deployment pool is automatically created for you.


  1. Select Cloud Management > Deployment Pools. The Deployment Pool page opens.
  2. Click Create Deployment Pool. The Create Deployment Pool form opens with the Basic Info tab current.
  3. Enter details about the deployment pool you want to create.
    Option Description


    Give the deployment pool a descriptive name.


    Enter some descriptive text about the deployment pool.

    Initial vApp Template

    Select a vApp template from the Manage List View drop-down menu. The vApp template you select is contained in the deployment pool you are creating.


    When you are creating a deployment pool, you can only select a single, “primary” vApp template. However, you can later add additional vApp templates. The role of a primary vApp template is to enforce identical structure. That is, all templates in a pool must have the same number of virtual machines, same operating system, same CPU and memory, same virtual machine names, and so on. The system starts with one template (primary) and checks any template being added to the pool to ensure it matches the template(s) currently in the pool.

  4. Click Create. The system creates your deployment pool and opens the Edit vApp Templates form.