You can upload, remove, or download a list of users with a bulk upload operation.

The Account Bulk Upload option supports CSV files that specify user roles (user, admin, proctor, support, instructor, grader, and content creator).

The following procedure illustrates uploading bulk users. You use a parallel procedure to remove or download a list of users in a CSV file.


  1. On the Accounts page, click Account Bulk Upload.
  2. Click Attach File and browse to select a CSV file.

    You can optionally open the File upload format information page. Select the Download Sample of CSV file format option to download a sample CSV file that is useful to gain an understanding of the file format the system expects.

  3. On the Upload CSV tab, you can select any of the following options:
    • Send verification email: Controls whether a welcome email is sent to each user in the CSV file.

    • Download Results: An email that reports the status of the operation is sent to the tenant admin. If the operation is a success, the email includes a list of the imported accounts.

    • Export fields: Selects the columns to be included in your CSV file.

    • Cancel: Cancels the upload CSV function.

  4. When you are done with the Upload CSV tab, click Next. The Preview tab opens.
  5. After you have verified your bulk upload, click Finish. The system creates the users included in your CSV file and adds them to your tenant. Remember to refresh your Account List.

    To cancel a bulk account upload, remove, or download operation, click Cancel.