When a cloud organization owner creates a services account for VMware Learning Platform, the account owner is assigned one or more VLP roles. Each role has a different set of permissions for accessing user interfaces.

All roles, except for the User role, must be set from the VMware Cloud Services Platform (CSP) user interface by a cloud organization owner. The User role can be assigned from the VMware Learning Platform tenant administrator interface or from the CSP interface .




Entitles user to log into the end-user UI and take a lab. The User Role does not include permission to use any other UI (for example, no permission to the Admin UI or Content Engine).


You can assign the role of “Admin” to the user you are creating and as a result create another tenant administrator. The Admin Role is the most powerful user within a tenant. It includes permission to all the user interfaces (for example, the Admin UI, end-user UI, Content Engine UI, and so on).


User you consider to be familiar with the content in the various labs of the tenant. When end users have a question with a lab, they can use an option on their lab console screen. The option runs an application running on the proctor’s mobile device to notify the proctor that someone needs help. A user having an Event/Proctor Role can log into the Admin UI.


Assigns a subset of the admin permissions. A user having a Support Role can log into the Admin UI. However, the system defaults to the Entitlement List and allows only the Reset/Remove vApp action.


Users assigned this role appears in a list accessible from the Create Class form. A Tenant Instructor can monitor the progress of selected students (a “class”), taking a specified lab at a specified time (“instructor-led lab”). A user having a Tenant Instructor Role can log into the Admin UI. However, the system defaults to Class List and allows the user to modify a class. The system also allows a read-only permission to the Entitlement List.


The Edit Tenant page includes the setting Allow Instructors Access To All Classes. If enabled, then an instructor can go to the Class List and view all the classes in the tenant. If disabled, then the Class List lists only those classes to which the instructor has been assigned.

Certification Grader

Users assigned this role can view a list of entitlements that must be graded and can assign them a score and a grade string. A user with a Certification Grader role user can edit these anytime until clicking Graded.

Content Creator

Users assigned this role have permissions only to the Content Engine. The Content Engine allows a user to create/edit/manage instructional content (lab manuals).

Tenant Group

Select a group or groups to which to associate the user account.