If you have opted out from the VMware Learning Platform cloud and chosen a Bring Your Own Cloud (BYOC) subscription, you must create a cloud organization and connect your vCD instance to VMware Learning Platform.

Port and Proxy Requirements

VMware Learning Platform requires API access to the vCD URL running your HTTP service. This is typically configured to run on port 443. Console access is directed through the console proxy, which is typically running on port 8443 if on the same IP as the HTTP service.

The IP address configured as the console proxy endpoint must not be located behind an SSL-terminating load balancer or reverse proxy. All console proxy requests must be relayed directly to the console proxy IP address. For an installation with a single IP address, you can customize the console proxy address from the Service Provider Admin Portal. For example, for the vCloud Director appliance, you must customize the console proxy address to vcloud.example.com:8443.

Understanding the Definitions of VMware Learning Platform Actions

When setting up and managing cloud organizations, it is important to understand the definitions of VMware Learning Platform actions and how these actions interact with the cloud.


In VMware Learning Platform, deployment means creating a new vApp in the cloud, either as a prepop or as an on-demand creation.


Assignment is the action of assigning an existing prepop to an entitlement that is starting for the first time or that has its vApp reset. These settings specify a baseline for determining whether VMware Learning Platform can use the cloud for the action. If an action is disabled for this cloud org, then the org is not used for this action regardless of any other settings. If the action is enabled for this cloud, then the settings on the vDC and/or template are used to determine if the action can proceed.

Action Enablement

VMware Learning Platform determines whether a cloud is enabled for a specific action by following a series of steps, in a specific order, where each step checks one setting. If the setting for the cloud is disabled for the action, then the cloud is disabled for that action. Only if all steps are completed, with no step indicating that the action is disabled, does VMware Learning Platform consider the action enabled. So, if an early step in the process indicates that an action is disabled, then no subsequent step in the process can make the action enabled.