If you have opted out from VMware Learning Platform Cloud and chosen a BYOC subscription, you first must connect your organization's vCD instance to VMware Learning Platform before you can create labs.


The vCloud Director term cloud organization, or cloud org, is equivalent to the VMware Learning Platform term cloud.


  1. From the Admin UI navigation panel, select Cloud Management > Clouds to display the Cloud Org page.
  2. Click Create Cloud. The Create Cloud tab of the Cloud form is displayed. Enter details for the cloud organization you are creating.
    Option Description

    Tenant Assignment and Tenant Deployment

    Both apply only to the current tenant and do not affect other tenants using this cloud org. Their settings only have meaning if Enabled has been set to true and the corresponding activity setting is also true (for example, Tenant Assignment only has meaning if Assignment has been set to true). Both can be used to disable deployments or assignments for a specific tenant, without affecting the tenant settings for other tenants.

    Tenant Maintenance Mode

    Enables or disables tenant maintenance mode for the cloud organization. This value is tenant-specific, that is, it affects only your tenant. This option is useful when you do not want activity in the selected cloud organization (for example, due to problems or other issues or an upgrade).

    Use Edge Gateway

    Enables NSX-T organization network connections and service settings (DHCP, firewall, and routing).

    Edge Gateway DNS

    Name of the edge gateway domain name server.

    Org Name

    Name of your cloud organization. Organization names are case sensitive. If you do not know the name of your organization, see #GUID-CB0A12C5-03D1-4A7B-9B44-1A736615AF0C.

    Host Name

    Host name for your organization’s VMware vCloud Director (Example: abc-vclass1.xyzedu.com).


    VMware Learning Platform confirms that the host you specified has a certificate, but does not validate the certificate.

    Org Admin

    The tenant administrator's user name


    Password for the vCloud Director cloud org administrator.

    Display Name (optional)

    Name to display in the list of cloud orgs. Enable display of the name by clicking the gear icon on the Cloud Org page and selecting Display Name.


    Select a location from the drop-down menu.

    Console Connection Monitoring

    Select the check box to enable console connection monitoring for this organization's labs. With console connection monitoring, students and instructors can monitor connection health when a lab is in use.

  3. After you have entered the details, click Create Cloud.
  4. On the Cloud Catalogs tab, enable at least one catalog.

    A catalog is a collection of vApp templates. Enabled means that the templates contained in a catalog are available to VMware Learning Platform. VMware Learning Platform requires access to templates to build a lab.

  5. Click Update Cloud.


The Clouds page displays the new cloud added in the list.